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Weddings should be treated as a once in a lifetime experience. With Executive, you can be sure that the day you have spent days and months planning for will be treated with just as much care and focus. Our top-notch service will get you from the ceremony to reception in class. Rest assured you are making the right choice when you book with us.

Why us?

Experience, professionalism, elegance, and a legendary reputation for getting the job done right.

As one of the region’s leading wedding transportation services, you can be sure that your wedding will make memories that last a lifetime. We cater to your particular ceremony and are available wherever and whenever you need us.

Going for a classic look? We offer more than just the standard limousines. Travel from the ceremony to the venue, hotel, or airport. We can plan the perfect route for you. Enjoy one of the most momentous experiences of your life and let the hassle of transportation and parking through SW Virginia be our priority.

• The stylish array of cars and limousines
• Personalized and reliable transportation
• Experienced chauffeurs to ensure the top-notch service

On your wedding day, transportation should be the least of your worries. Let us make sure your guests are where they need to be when they need to be.

We will work with your event coordinator to guarantee your friends and family will not miss a moment of your romantic day. You can relax knowing that, whether it be from an airport, hotel, or local residences, that your guests will arrive comfortable and on time.

Our chauffeurs have years of experience and are fully trained to provide the white-glove service you can expect from a SW Virginia car service operating for over 22 years.

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